The Seven Stories

The reason I decided to do this project was my huge disappointment with all the human rights violations against LGBT people in some countries, that most of the world doesn’t know about. We hear about it in news, and we maybe have an idea statistically, but it never gets too personal. My goal is to bring some of the people a little bit closer and see them in a little bit more vulnerable light, and to empathize with them.

I invite you to 7 unique inspiring experiences, full of complex emotions and hard truth in one of the worst countries in the world for LGBT people. I invite you to see the different world with the new eyes. I invite you to consider, to reflect, to participate and to respond. I invite you to object and to protest human rights abuses together, with whatever means we have.


The full text for this page is still in progress, but you can read more in the project description of my past donation campaign in 2019, which is already closed. Make sure to scroll down for English!!!

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