Victorious Art

The art of being victorious

The Seven Stories


In February 2014 the famous “Anti-Gay Bill” was passed in Uganda. Even though…
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Priests are preaching about LGBT demons that need to be chased away from…
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My vision is to see Uganda free from stigma and discrimination among the LGBTIQ community…
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Accepting myself was very big step in my life. I felt free, it was like I broke all chains which tied…
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I don’t feel comfortable wearing female clothes, yet people need workers who are more girly…
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The hardest thing as an inmate was the rule of being identified by a prison number…
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With this queer basketball team, I have managed to advocate for the participation of…
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Ron reached out to me around 2013, and in early 2014 I met him in Nairobi, Kenya, where he…
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Dance Of Liberation

The Visual Poetry – Felt Works