Be the change you wanna see in the world!

As Albert Einstein said: “The world as we created it is a progress of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking“.

Once we reach this level of understanding, and once we start letting go of trying to change the world and start looking inwards – we realize that a far harder struggle awaits us, and that struggle is becoming something new. This journey could be started by asking one simple question: how can I change this world by doing just one simple thing – getting better every day?

If you are asking yourself this question – Victorious Art is for you!

Once we start asking these questions and do a little bit of play – soon we bump into a wall of the next level of this game: our extremely creative mind is starting to use all the possible and impossible ways to trick us and to hold us back, telling us that it is safe and cozy where we are, and that there is no need to go any scary places. Even if in the beginning we have all the courage and motivation in the world to face all our inadequacies, very soon we find ourselves in the same place where we started. But why? Well, there is actually a suggestion of a couple of very simple solutions:

In the book “The psychology of man’s possible evolution” Pyotr Ouspensky wrote: “The chief idea is that in order to become a different being, one must want it very much and for a very long time. A passing desire or a vague desire based on dissatisfaction with external conditions will not create a sufficient impulse“.

Another powerful solution is suggested by Ekhart Tolle: “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.

I believe these two can be the most powerful starting guidelines.

What is VICTORIOUS about Victorious Art?

I have never faced any difficulties in having enough motivation to start the journey of self-transformation, because I used to want to change the world really badly ever since I was little. I was always hungry to study all the possible topics that would help me to get better understanding of how to do it, including psychology, human behaviour, neuroscience, all the wisdom of the greats from ancient to contemporary and loads of more. But nothing contributed more to my transformation then hitting lots of rock bottoms again and again. I had no other choice but to build myself from the bottom up many times, using all the knowledge as a guide. Even if I made a progress, I am still hungry to learn and understand the world around me and inside me more than ever. I feel like my journey is just starting, and I have made it a lifetime commitment, which is a daily battle with my own yesterday’s version.

Even if we have all the selection of tools available in front of us that we know will change our life, you know and I know that there is this huge gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Victorious Art is all about what is happening in that gap. That is my main focus area and subject of interest. It is a great mystery, the black hole of consciousness, but after countless years of trying to hack it, I slowly start seeing that all of it has patterns and can be boiled down into a simple applicable science.

Unless we know the basic mechanics behind how our mind works, we won’t recognize its ways, and it will trick us and take over us again and again. Studying and recognizing mind tricks can be one of the ways in which awakening can happen. But there can be many other ways and that’s why I am very interested in learning from your experience. I believe that sharing our experiences can contribute to the bigger picture in trying to solve this mystery. If you have any insights to share with me or simply wanna talk regarding any other question – just feel free to contact me anytime.


The key points of Victorious Art is that the improvisation in daily fight with the yesterdays version of ourselves is not easy. But the harder it is, the greater rewards we get. Victorious Art is all about the excitement of the hardest possible. The harder it gets, the easiest we can shape ourselves in any form we want. Only in the hardest possible the real magic starts happening.

Victorious Art is the daily battle with smaller and bigger daily victories and defeats. Victorious Art is failing thousands of times and building ourselves on the foundation of failures, brick by brick. Victorious Art is about acknowledging each failure and learning everything possible from it. Even if we failed million times trying to solve same mysterious task, we look for the way out even harder.

Victorious Art is to acknowledge our daily victories and celebrate them, as well as celebrating daily victories of others. Victorious Art is to inspire as many people around us as possible to start looking at this daily fight as the greatest art of life, to learn to share the vulnerable with others and to really enjoy the creative process every single present moment.

Victorious Art is a struggle of becoming something different and really understanding what it takes to actually become a better version of ourselves. It takes nothing less than our everything, and our total commitment. It takes enormous willingness to break ourselves down so that we can build ourselves back up piece by piece. Only then we’ll be rewarded with the ability to close our eyes, imagine a world we want, and then open our eyes and make that world come true.

What about the ART?

The reason why I create is because I believe in an unlimited power of artistic creativity. I believe in its power to inspire an individual to want to change the course of the society, and the whole humanity. I strongly believe that this world needs big changes, that the status quo needs to be shaken to the earthquake. I strongly believe that thinking differently, doubting everything and questioning everything would make us highest quality individuals and highest quality society.

Every morning I wake up with the burning desire to exploit every ounce of potential that I have, to get the best performance out of all my skills, and to direct this performance towards creative contribution to social change. My ultimate goal is to find the best possible way to make my art my main and the most effective language of communication, and to make the biggest possible positive impact on maximum possible amount of people through my art and my message. My purpose is to serve humanity as an art-activist, and to push the art/entertainment activism to the whole new level. If you share similar values and ideas – contact me now! If you have any artistic or musical skills and you would like to collaborate together in making this world a better place – let’s work together and make this world a better place!

How can Victorious Art participate and contribute?

I can fix your dreadlocks or make them =}

I have wide knowledge and experience in working with different artistic materials and techniques, and I can easily learn new ones, whatever serves the purpose. I experiment a lot with non-traditional materials and techniques and looking for ways to invent expressions that have never been used before. I have good knowledge in textiles, clothes making and fashion design, good skills in sewing technology and executing. Currently advancing in drawing anatomy and female figure.

I am advanced in playing drums, guitar, keyboard and hand drums. Experimenting with world percussion, loop station and sample pad. Learning Ableton Live. If you are interested in creating a queer girl band with a strong message and you need a drummer – you are looking right direction. Contact me now and let’s see what we could do together in contributing with our skills to make this world a better place. If You know anyone who would be interested, please share the message. If You don’t know anyone – please share the message anyway!

If You consider mentoring me on some of my pursuits, contact me now! I have lots of really valuable skills, knowledge and wisdom that I could give in return! If you need a mentor – always welcome! 🙂

I would like to conclude with another quote from Albert Einstein, that reflects very closely the values I wish all of us would live up to more: “A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other people, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving”.