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More sun from Uganda and thank You so much for Your patience!!! Things are not going as perfect as I wish here, even the most perfect organizing like mine can fly out of the window anytime, because I depend so much on other people’s African time 🙂 I am really struggling with another update video that I am making for You. I have made lots of really nice cuts for You from everything that is going in here sharing the main highlights of my journey from last couple of weeks, but maybe i overtried a bit, because my adobe project file started working so slow and in the end it just refuses to open. So I am still looking for solution and if You are good at Adobe Premiere and know how to solve this – please shout!!!!

I will still find a way how to share it with You soon, maybe I will make another file with less information haha. But in the meantime I instead would like to share with You something very exclusive for You. I had an honor to perform together with one of the local stars Andereya Baguma on one of the rooftops of Kampala. It was really special night and I really hope this beautiful music from Uganda will fill Your hearts with warmth and love. Check out Andereya’s music here!

Everyting else is going well here, despite of lots mixed feelings of the extreme level. I have been investigating the lgbt situation from very deep inside very thouroughly, meeting and spending time with the greatest activists in the country as well as with the most unprivileged people. Started to work closely together with all the participants of the project and looking for ways how to communicate their stories most effectively.

Please stay tuned because more is coming soon!! Share with Your friends, like, subscribe to my YouTube channel!! If You have any comments or questions, just fill the contact form or email me. Thank You so much for Your warmth and incredible support!!!